China Oncology

30 September 2017, Volume 27 Issue 9

MST4 upregulates secretion of inflammatory factors via activation of MAPK-ERK signaling pathway and promotes invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

LIN Zhenhai, YAN Shican, ZHANG Jieyun, et al

2017, 27 (9): 681-686. doi: 10.19401/j.cnki.1007-3639.2017.09.001

Abstract ( 357) PDF (1186KB) ( 410 )

Pegylated liposomal doxorubincin combined with ifosfamide as first-line treatment for patients with advanced or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma

LIU Xin, ZHANG Xiaowei, WANG Huijie, et al

2017, 27 (9): 687-692. doi: 10.19401/j.cnki.1007-3639.2017.09.002

Abstract ( 332) PDF (1028KB) ( 675 )

Breast metastases from rectal carcinoma in a male patient

YUAN Jianhua, ZHANG Shubo, WANG Meiqing, et al

2017, 27 (9): 693-694. doi: 10.19401/j.cnki.1007-3639.2017.09.003

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